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A Lifestyle of Giving (4th Quarter, 2022)

In living the lifestyle of kindness, we can only do as much as our capacities can take

The Livestock Revolution (2nd Quarter, 2022)

In many rural communities in Nigeria, owning livestock can be the difference between poverty and wealth, unemployment, and steady income for many people in rural areas.

July - December (2023)

“we've not been able to get a bag, complete books and a mathematical set because of financial cost but FLEP made them available for free"

Showcasing Young Rural Entrepreneurs (3rd Quarter, 2022)

Entrepreneurship has bee a tool to transform the situation of an individuals.

2022, A Year of New Possibilities (1st Quarter, 2022)

The year 2022 started with a strategic movement plan for the year 2022. This plan has been a guiding document for FLEP. We are looking forward to reaching more participants and at the same time, building the capacity of FLEP staff to do more.