Cooperative – social groups contribute to the growth and empowerment of women.

Cooperative – social groups contribute to the growth and empowerment of women.

Women who find themselves in a supportive group in their community are encouraged to have open discussion about the challenges they are facing, the supportive groups are built with a system of accountability and responsibility among members, leading to personal and group growth.

One of the primary things in the development of rural women is cooperative social groups and mentorship; in Markurdi where we have ongoing beehives farming empowerment project, about 30 women are mentored by the implementer’s wife under a savings group run by the women (beneficiaries). Cooperative groups have contributed to the growth and empowerment of these women.

Through the cooperative group, the women reinvest their surplus in order to expand their businesses. The scheme allows members to be financially committed by making contributions which are weekly. The contributions are usually used to meet with the financial challenges of other members, it is given out as a loan which is paid back within a specific time frame as agreed upon in the rules.  

Veronica standing next to her milling machine she purchased from a loan she took from the savings group

During this cooperative meetings, they have bible study meetings which also serves as a medium to encourage one another through the word of God. The   benefits of these group have diverse economic and social benefits such as:

  • Encourage participation in meetings, leadership positions and membership
  • Financial training.
  • Establish harmony where people care and look out for each other.
  • Permeates unity and economic bond
  • Creates safe space for women and social solidarity. 
  • Problem solving capacity
  • Builds self-confidence

 We are working on ways to further empower these women through the cooperative group; it will serve as a way of obtaining important economic and environmental information that will serve as a guide for economic growth. Creating platforms for rural women mentorship and development in different communities around the country will go a long way to help empower women to be confident and resourceful to live up to their true potentials.

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