Empowering Youths in Poultry Farming

Empowering Youths in Poultry Farming

The Livestock Empowerment Model (LEM) is an initiative of Full Life Empowerment Programme (FLEP), in partnership with Children’s Mission Africa, Children’s Mission Sweden, and The Navigators Nigeria. The program which started since July 2019 has empowered over 40 youths in Akure and its environs with skills in Poultry Farming.

The participants of the LEM project successfully undertook capacity building training in poultry farming, with a view to improving their socio-economic status, get a sustainable livelihood and as well as contribute their quota to the agricultural development and food production in their communities.

The empowerment program had a poultry storeroom, stocked with more than a 100 day-old chicks, bags of poultry feed and other materials needed to raise the birds ready to be distributed to participants. Each participant received 50 birds and bags of feeds as a startup for their poultry farm.

One of the participants, Rashidat Alimi who is an unemployed mother of 3 admits that the LEM project has exposed her to immense skills in Poultry Farming and as a result, has started a poultry business of her own from the profits realized from sales of the chicks given to her and with the current support of feeds from FLEP. Another participant, Abdul said, “I’ve learnt to be an entrepreneur and if this program goes on well, I won’t need a government job, because this will be enough to help me start up something and improve my livelihood”.

The empowerment program improved the economic status of our participants, reduced the number of unemployed youths, alleviated food security in their communities and by extension the society at large.

The topics covered during the training include;

  1. An overview of Poultry Production,
  2.  Management of Broiler Chicken, Health and
  3. Financial management & Marketing among others.

This has no doubt served as a drive towards empowering young people in other communities in Nigeria who will significantly contribute to the wellness of their families and overall socio-economic improvement of their society.

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