Building a strong financial foundation and freedom is the financial literacy factor of The Full Life Empowerment Programme (FLEP); delivered in partnership with Legions of Hope Empowerment Network participants received training on personal financial planning. Creating a Strong Financial Foundation and freedom teaches you to take a pro-active approach to manage your money; even if you do not currently have an income, you need to learn the sound monetary management tools that will assist you in the future.

FLEP Capacity building training

Participants learned how the spending and saving choices you make today will positively or negatively impact your financial future.  Spending and saving choices can impact your whole life; – the ability to secure loans and credit, invest and fund a car and the ability to rent or purchase a house in the future. Carefully develop a budget that covers your lifestyle, learn to be a smart buyer and learn strategies to grow your savings into wealth.

Financial Foundation and Freedom Tools

  • Understanding the Different Types of Income (Active and Passive Income)
  • Converting Active Income to Passive Income
  • Benefits in Investing or Saving Passive Assets
  • Understanding the Financial Life Circle

There are different stages of financial life and each stage involves passive and active income, if properly planned leads to the ultimate measure of financial success, leaving a legacy for generations to come.