Youth Empowerment
Abia: Poultry Farming Empowering Youths in the Rural Community

Abia: Poultry Farming Empowering Youths in the Rural Community

At FLEP we empower youth entrepreneurship through quality poultry farming. Our approach is a fundamental tool for attaining sustainable economic development. More than ever, we need to enable our youth to live a purpose-driven life so they can build the world they want to see. It is important that today’s youth discover their purpose, transform their mindset and connect to their future.

About 15 beneficiaries have been impacted so far, through the Transforming Livelihood Project, a joint effort of FLEP, Children’s Mission – CM and Young Farmer’s Club – YFC in Umourie community of Abia State. They have been able to create a poultry farming business where youth are employed and help themselves develop talents, and channel their energy into a course that will be of value to them, their immediate environment and the society.

Through profits generated some of them have been able to continue their education after secondary school and also support their families. The poultry farming enterprise has also provided an alternative source of protein for their families, for healthy nutrition.

Despite the limitations some of the beneficiaries encountered, they are ready to use their revenues to continue the poultry-farming enterprise, some have also acquired skills in snail and fish farming in the rouse to reduce youth unemployment and engage youth in constructive work.