Women Empowerment and Transformation
A Gift from Honey

A Gift from Honey

Christiania Igbaper, a resident of Adatsav village and a mother of 6 children; the oldest is 14 years and the youngest 18 months. In a community where the majority of children enrolled in school drop out before reaching/in secondary school, Christiana struggles to pay for her children’s tuitions and fees.

Christiana is a farmer that cultivates cassava, yam, sesame seed, and maize, but barely gets enough income to meet the needs of her family and pay for her children’s education. Thanks to our donor’s generosity and dedication, Christiana and her children have a wholly different future.

She was amongst the first group of women to get a beehive and due to her good behavior and commitment to the project, she was given additional beehives. Christiana currently has 5 beehives and during the last harvest and payment circle, she got five thousand, four hundred naira only (N5,400/ $15).

Christiana used the entire proceed of the honey to pay for her children’s school fees. The total cost of the school fees is about N7,000 per term. The payment of her children’s school fees is very important to her and is usually a source of worry as their farming produce is not able to adequately pay for the school fees.

Christiana is extremely grateful for the ‘gift’ that comes from the honey harvest every year. She is eager to grow her beehives to 10 if possible.