Transformed Livelihood Project III – Ikare, Ondo State

Project Period: July 2020 to June 2021 The training and distribution of birds and feed to participants held on the 31st October to 3rd November, 2020 The Transformed Livelihood Project (TLP3) is a 3 in 1 project that is aimed at empowering 40 youths to build and sustain livelihoods that will enable them to earn income, support their families and to become employers of labour hence reducing the number of unemployed youths in Nigeria. TLP3 is primarily focused on these 3 activities: Poultry training and distribution Entrepreneurship/Capacity building training and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) training Through these activities, FLEP is aiming to contribute to the general and holistic transformation of the youths we are engaging in Ikare-Akoko. As part of the initiative, is to not only train participants in poultry farm enterprise but to distribute 30-day old chicks and 8 bags of feed to each selected participant, to enable Read More

Empowering Youths in Poultry Farming

The Livestock Empowerment Model (LEM) is an initiative of Full Life Empowerment Programme (FLEP), in partnership with Children’s Mission Africa, Children’s Mission Sweden, and The Navigators Nigeria. The program which started since July 2019 has empowered over 40 youths in Akure and its environs with skills in Poultry Farming. The participants of the LEM project successfully undertook capacity building training in poultry farming, with a view to improving their socio-economic status, get a sustainable livelihood and as well as contribute their quota to the agricultural development and food production in their communities. The empowerment program had a poultry storeroom, stocked with more than a 100 day-old chicks, bags of poultry feed and other materials needed to raise the birds ready to be distributed to participants. Each participant received 50 birds and bags of feeds as a startup for their poultry farm. One of the participants, Rashidat Alimi who is an Read More

Michael’s story – A determination to thrive against all odds.

30-year-old Michael is a secondary school dropout who was working as an assistant on a poultry farm somewhere in Ikaro Ifon community of Ondo state, when he first heard of the Livestock Empowerment Model Project on radio early 2019. Michael drove 2 hours to attend the LEM first phase seminar in Akure (Capital of Ondo state). Michael had believed that he needed a huge amount of money to startup a poultry business because his boss told him so. He said, “when I attended the FLEP seminar, I understood that I can start a poultry business with N5000 Naira or less”. For Michael, the seminar was an eye-opener and he wanted to be a part of the beneficiaries but considering the project location and where Michael lives, the team was not sure of including him as one of the participants, however, because of Michael’s determination to start up his own business, Read More

A whole new perspective on youth mentoring-

RECENTLY, I have begun thinking about youths that I used to know with great dreams and bright ideas but seemed to have drifted into oblivion. Some have struggled to carve a niche for themselves, and having failed in this quest, have given up on their pursuits. Others have been swept away by life’s unpredictable challenges, helplessly watching their dreams being flooded down the drain by the tide.    Reasons for these can be attributed to the lack of guidance and support from more fortunate individuals who have been down the road. Even though youth’s productivity can lead to a rewarding future, without constant and adequate support, this future may be made bleak by the uncertainties of the present.   To be productive is to have the willingness to create, innovate and establish something beneficial not only to the society but also to the fulfillment of the individual as well. It Read More