Covid-19 Humanitarian Project Phase 2- Mercy IDP Camp Zonkwa.

Concerned by the effects of coronavirus in rural Nigerian areas on people that struggle with extreme hunger and are exposed to vulnerable conditions than ever, Children’s Mission extended their support through FLEP to assist an identified number of people that needed urgent assistance. With the support of The Navigators Nigeria, we identified displaced people who lived in Mercy IDP Camp Zonkwa, Kaduna state, who had fled for their lives as a result of reprisal attacks that lead to the loss of lives, destruction of homes and businesses.    Mercy IDP Camp Rev Tanko Clement Kato (Zonkwa ECWA DCC Chairman), in an exclusive interview with FLEP, said, “We saw people lying down on the street crying and weeping, and nobody could help them. We decided as a church out of love as the Bible taught us. So we decided to bring them in to host them.” The Mercy Internally Displaced People Camp, Read More

Help Raise ₦1,324,000 to Fund Cecilia Joshua’s Corrective Surgery

21-year-old Miss Cecilia Joshua, a native of Tafawa Balewa in Bauchi State contracted spiral meningitis in 2005, which was not immediately detected until she developed a severe brain disorder that has left her in acute medical condition. After a lot of trouble in finding the right hospital and coming up with the needed finances, the first surgery was performed in 2006. A tube was inserted from her brain into her bowels to drain the fluid. Unfortunately, the tube turned out too big and this has resulted into Cecilia experiencing severe pains, she most times struggles to sleep at night and she has to do everything slowly which has deprived her of living her life to the fullest daily as a young girl. In addition to the difficult circumstances, Cecilia lost her father to high blood pressure, leaving her mother, Mary Joshua, to care for her and her four siblings. Now, Read More