Help Raise ₦1,324,000 to Fund Cecilia Joshua’s Corrective Surgery

21-year-old Miss Cecilia Joshua, a native of Tafawa Balewa in Bauchi State contracted spiral meningitis in 2005, which was not immediately detected until she developed a severe brain disorder that has left her in acute medical condition.

After a lot of trouble in finding the right hospital and coming up with the needed finances, the first surgery was performed in 2006. A tube was inserted from her brain into her bowels to drain the fluid. Unfortunately, the tube turned out too big and this has resulted into Cecilia experiencing severe pains, she most times struggles to sleep at night and she has to do everything slowly which has deprived her of living her life to the fullest daily as a young girl.

In addition to the difficult circumstances, Cecilia lost her father to high blood pressure, leaving her mother, Mary Joshua, to care for her and her four siblings. Now, Mary (Cecilia’s Mother), as a consequence, also developed acute high blood pressure. She is struggling with too little finances to access medical support for herself let alone her daughter, Cecilia, who up till now (since 2006) is yet to be taken back to a hospital for the urgently needed corrective surgery.

Photo of Cecilia and her family from FLEP team visit to Tafawa Balewa in 2018

Mary owns a farm from which she uses its yield from it to carter for her family, but since her illness, she struggles to go to the farm. Now, the family struggles to survive daily. You can help Cecilia by donating today.

The total costs of her treatment are ₦1,324,000. A comprehensive investigation and test must be conducted on her to know her current health condition before the corrective surgery.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support!

A Go-Fund-me account was set up for International Support.

Local Support: Account Number: 3132700794, Account Name: Cecilia Joshua, Bank: First Bank of Nigeria.

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