COVID-19 Humanitarian Project Phase One (CHP) – Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi State.

On the 8 of July 2020, FLEP distributed food items and vegetable seedlings to some underprivileged widows and their families in Tafawa Balewa community in the Bauchi state with the support of Children’s Mission and The Navigators Nigeria. This was FLEP’s effort to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the widows of Tafawa Balewa, to ensure that the widows and their families are safe and fed even as the world fights against Covid-19. 241 women benefited from the incentive packages which included relief items such as rice, corn, beans, vegetable oil, magi, salt and vegetable seedlings (okra, pepper and spinach). Mrs Elizabeth (Women Leader/beneficiary) said: “There are so many widows suffering here, it was God who opened your eyes to see the suffering of the widows in Tafawa Balewa”. The women of Tafawa Balewa expressed gratitude to Full Life Empowerment Programme (FLEP) and her donors, for considering them Read More

Cooperative – social groups contribute to the growth and empowerment of women.

Women who find themselves in a supportive group in their community are encouraged to have open discussion about the challenges they are facing, the supportive groups are built with a system of accountability and responsibility among members, leading to personal and group growth. One of the primary things in the development of rural women is cooperative social groups and mentorship; in Markurdi where we have ongoing beehives farming empowerment project, about 30 women are mentored by the implementer’s wife under a savings group run by the women (beneficiaries). Cooperative groups have contributed to the growth and empowerment of these women. Through the cooperative group, the women reinvest their surplus in order to expand their businesses. The scheme allows members to be financially committed by making contributions which are weekly. The contributions are usually used to meet with the financial challenges of other members, it is given out as a loan Read More

Building a strong financial foundation and freedom is the financial literacy factor of The Full Life Empowerment Programme (FLEP); delivered in partnership with Legions of Hope Empowerment Network participants received training on personal financial planning. Creating a Strong Financial Foundation and freedom teaches you to take a pro-active approach to manage your money; even if you do not currently have an income, you need to learn the sound monetary management tools that will assist you in the future. Participants learned how the spending and saving choices you make today will positively or negatively impact your financial future.  Spending and saving choices can impact your whole life; – the ability to secure loans and credit, invest and fund a car and the ability to rent or purchase a house in the future. Carefully develop a budget that covers your lifestyle, learn to be a smart buyer and learn strategies to grow Read More

The Developing Brain: An Early Window Of Opportunity For Learning

Long before a child enters the classroom, inequities can create a lasting imprint on the architecture of the brain. Recent research on brain development casts new light on the formative influence of early childhood experience. In the first few years of life, a child’s brain creates 700 to 1,000 new neural connections every second, a pace that later diminishes. These early connections set the foundation on which later connections are built. The new research shows that nutrition, health care and interaction between children and their caregivers can help with brain development in early childhood. Conversation, repeating and connecting words in meaningful contexts, and early exposure to literacy through reading and play are all positively associated with language skills. Conversely, frequent exposure to chronically stressful events in infancy, including nutritional deprivation and violence, can affect children by damaging neurons in areas involved in learning and emotional development. In other words, these Read More